What we do

Doing business through Agrosud means:



Agrosud provides access to a great range of products from diverse origins, closing reliable deals, backed by our ample experience and renown.

We provide constant information about markets, alternative suppliers and origins, their reliability, quality and prices; permanent advice on import / export processes.

Agrosud focuses on developing products and markets for our clients, taking advantage on the benefits of long term relations.


Once trades are confirmed, our team of professional brokers and execution experts help assuring that contract terms and conditions are fulfilled.

During execution of trades and until goods are delivered, technical teams provide advice and help solving legal, logistic and quality problems, among others throughout the process.


Agrosud has its head office in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a subsidiary in Montevideo, Uruguay. Agrosud has affiliated companies in Brazil, Chile, China, France, Indonesia, Peru, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, UK and USA.